Some people rave about their experiences with their coaches, others about the attention they received in our small classes, but we all unanimously agree that the Abbey attracts the greatest people to join our community. That’s why this place feels like home–because the people here are like family.

Teagan McNamara ‘19

Year: Class of ’19
Major: Psychology
Minor: Theology
Clubs: Tennis

“I’m really happy to be here. It’s been great for my personal development.”

Travis Allen ’20

Year: Class of ’20
Major: Business

“If you’re looking for something that is deeper than superficial…This is a great place to come.”

Tom Vesey ‘08, Charlotte Motor Speedway Sr. Manager

Year: Class of ’08

Major: Business Management

Minor: Sports Management

“Belmont Abbey made me a better leader, and made me the person that I am today”

Sarah Bathon ’16 

5th Grade Teacher in Rock Hill, SC   Major: History   Minor: Elementary Education

“It’s the family environment and community that I still have today”

“The education we receive here makes us a more well-rounded person”

Jenna Kimble ’15 

Year: Class of ’15

Major: Biology

“I always felt guided and mentored”
“The Abbey en