Monday, June 22nd to Sunday, June 28th, 2020


VINCULUM is the new laymen’s version of the Veterum Sapientia Latin-immersion program for clerics held annually at Belmont Abbey College since 2013.  The common purpose of both programs is to help participants “get their feet under them” when it comes to speaking Latin, and to help those already on the road to proficiency improve and grow.  Readings at VINCULUM focus on Latin texts of all major genres and time periods within Christian history. Ecclesiastical pronunciation is the norm for teaching and conversation.  Speakers of Latin at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels will benefit from intensive work with their peers to enhance their growth and confidence. See also program description for Veterum Sapientia.

About Our Name:

VINCULUM (VING-koo-lumm) is a noun meaning link (e.g. a chain link) in Latin.  In his great document Veterum Sapientia, Pope St. John XXIII made a point of quoting his predecessor Pius XII, who referred to Latin as a magni pretii vinculum – a link of great value connecting modern-day Catholics of all nations to their heritage in the Universal Church.


Who should Attend and What are the Benefits?

Latin enthusiasts in all walks of life, established Latin-speakers and aspiring Latin-speakers will benefit by participation in VINCULUM.

  • Committed Catholics, Christians of other denominations,