Dr. Svetlana Corwin

Associate Professor of English


B.A./M.A., Herzen State University
M.A., Appalachian State University
Ph.D., Emory University
  • EN400             The Rise of the Novel as a Genre 2016 – present
  • EN400             Short Fiction and Related Genres 2017 – present
  • EN305             Introduction to the Studies of Literature 2017 – present
  • EN309             Literary Criticism 2011 – present
  • EN400             Special Topic in Literature: Dostoevsky Fall 2012-present
  • RH 101, 102   Rhetoric, Logic, Grammar, Fall 2011-present
  • EN211-212      Masterpieces of Western Literature, 2011- present
  • FYS 101          First-Year Symposium: An Introduction to Liberal Arts Education, Fall 2008 – present

  •  “The Christian View of the Human Person through the Lens of Dostoyevsky,” invited talk at the Faith and Reason Lecture Series in the Cathedral of St. Paul, Minneapolis, November 4, 2014.
  • “On the Mystical Foundation of Moral Law and Freedom in F. M. Dostoevsky’s Fiction”
  • Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Convention, Washington, DC, Sep. 27-29, 2013.
  • “Vittoria, vittoria!: Olga Sedakova’s Memorial to Lyric Poetry” Christianity and Literature Conference, April 11-13, 2013 Covenant College, GA.
  • “Metanoia in Patrick Süskind’s The Pigeon” BAC: Transformations in Literature, June 22-24, 2012.
  • Taking a Second Look at The Double: The Revised Ending of The Double as “Eucatastrophe.” Christianity and Literature Conference, April 12-14, 2012 Andersen University, SC.
  •  “Uncanny Aesthetics in Heart of Darkness” the 125th MLA Convention, Philadelphia PA, Dec. 27-30.
  • “Domestic Disturbance: Labyrinthine Writing Through Trauma in Pelevin’s The Helmet of Horror
  • 2009 AATSEEL Meeting, Hyatt Regency Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia PA, Dec. 27-30
  • “The Uncanny Child: Estrange