Dr. Mike McLeod

Dr. Mike McLeod 

Biology Department Coordinator of Environmental Studies Professor of Biology


Ph.D., Zoology, Miami University, Oxford, OH, August 1977

M.S., Biology, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN, June, 1973

B.S., Biology, Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, TN, December, 1969

Registry in Cytotechnology (ASCP), Brooke General Hospital, Fort Sam Houston, TX, February, 1973

  • General Biology
  • Cell Biology
  • Ecology
  • Human Anatomy
  • Human Physiology
  • Senior Seminar

• 1976 A preliminary biochemical systematic study of Capsicum (Solanaceae); with W. H. Eshbaugh and S. I. Guttman. International symposium on biology and taxonomy of The Solanaceae. Birmingham, England.

• 1977 Evolutionary investigations in the chili peppers Capsicum (Solanaceae). Annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Evolution. Ithaca, New York.

• 1978 Numerical taxonomic analyses of allozyme variation in Capsicum (Solanaceae); with R. J. Jensen, W. H. Eshbaugh, and S. I. Guttman. Society of Economic Botany meeting, St. Louis, MO.

• Systematic Studies of the Capsicum baccatum complex; with S. I. Guttman and W. H. Eshbaugh. Society of Economic Botany meeting. St. Louis, MO.

• Genetic and Morphological variation in the fingernail clam, Sphaerium striatinum Lamarck; with D. J. Hornbach, S. I. Guttman, and S. K. Seilkop. American Malacological Union Meeting, Wilmington, NC.

• 1980 An electrophoretic study of Corbicula fluminea in the Catawba River, N. C., with D. S. Sailstad. American Malacological Union Meeting, Louisville, KY.

• 1981 Patterns of speciation in Capsicum (Solanaceae); with W. H. Eshbaugh and S. I. Guttman. International Botanical Congress, Australia.

• 1982 Electrophoretic variation in Corbicula. Joint meeting: American Malacological Union, Second International Symposium on Molluscan Genetics, New Orleans, LA.

• 1983 Electrophoretic variation in U. S. Corbicula. Second International Corbicula Symposium, Little Rock, AR.