Dr. Hugh Sales 

Associate Professor of Business


  • B.A., Trinity Christian College
  • M.B.A., Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Ph.D., University of Texas at Dallas
  • First Year Symposium (FS 101)
  • Economics (Micro) (EC 202)
  • Human Resource Management (BU 404)
  • International Marketing (BU 317)
  • Social Ventures (ET401)
  • Management (BU 300)
  • Entrepreneurship (ET 300)
  • Affecting Philanthropic Propensity
    Journal of Scholastic Inquiry: Business Fall, 2014 Issue
    Et Labora: The Daily Work: A Christian Examination of the Work Ethic
  • Dissertation: Strings Attached Funding: A Case Study of Dallas Social Venture Partners
    Dr. Richard Scotch (chair), Dr. Simon Fass, Dr. Young-Joo Lee
  • Abstract: A new form of philanthropy has emerged characterized by donors who become actively engaged in the nonprofits they support. One manifestation of