• the development of appropriate learning experiences for children

You should consider the Abbey’s Elementary Education degree program if you:

  • enjoy teaching children
  • communicate easily
  • are creative and patient

In addition to coursework, the Belmont Abbey Elementary Education Licensure Program prepares teacher candidates through top-quality mentoring and hands-on experiences including:

  • 90 hours of classroom field experience over two semesters prior to student teaching.
  • A full semester of student teaching, five days a week for 16 weeks, during your final semester of college.

We are guided by our Department of Education Mission Statement:

Guided by the tenets of Catholicism and the Benedictine hallmarks, the Department of Education’s mission is to promote commitment among students to serve and to be advocates for those most vulnerable in society, children. By our own example, we teach our students to understand the responsibilities and privileges entailed in this commitment. Through the study of the liberal arts and the knowledge, skills, and dispositions inherent in education courses and field experiences, we help our students develop minds that are both broad and agile, so they are equipped to make wise and ethical decisions that benefit them and those whose lives they touch.

With an Elementary Education bachelor’s degree from Belmont Abbey College, you will be able to pursue a variety of careers including:

  • teaching grades K-6 in public and private elementary schools

The Abbey Difference:

More than a Career
At Belmont Abbey College we believe that being an elementary school teacher is not only a job, but a calling. Following the college’s mission for the promotion of excellence, the Elementary Education degree prepares its students for careers that focus on strengthening both mind and spirit as they share their love of learning in ways that glorify God.

A Close-Knit Program with a Wide Reputation
Belmont Abbey’s education graduates are heavily recruited for career teaching positions because of the elementary education program’s well-known reputation for quality and excellence. One distinction of our Elementary Education bachelor’s degree is class size: students study in a close-knit cohort of no more than 20 classmates who complete their entire professional sequence (licensure program) together. The merit of a highly-individualized environment can be recognized in the quality of learning and application, reflected in the fact that many Elementary Education BA graduates from Belmont Abbey College are hired as teachers during the student teaching experience or shortly following graduation. Additionally, for more than 3 decades the