Dr. Rebecca Munro 

Associate Professor of  English


  •  Ph.D. English. Baylor University. May 2003.
  • M.A. English. Gonzaga University. May 1997.
  •  B.A. English. Gonzaga University. Summa cum Laude. May 1995.
  •  Spokane Falls Community College: 1990-92
  • Rhetoric RH 101-102
  • Classic Literary Texts EN 211-212
  • Shakespeare: Shakespeare and Ovid EN 400
  • Shakespeare, Comedy, History, Tragedy, and Romance EN400
  • Shakespeare, Tragedies EN 410
  • Shakespeare, Comedies EN 411
  • Tolkien EN 400 (in the Medieval Minor)
  • English Renaissance EN 300.
  • Medieval Literature EN 403 (in the Medieval Minor)
  • Freshman Symposium FS 101
  • Freshman Composition EN 101-102
  • British Literature EN 202, EN 202W
  • World Literature EN 201
  • Great Books GB 320
  • ABC-CLIO Greenwood Companion to Shakespeare. Contribution to Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night for the Greenwood Companion to Shakespeare: (my sections: commentary on sources, commentary on selected historical documents, essay on historical context, review history, essay on imagery and language, and five short essays on interesting aspects of the times and the play).To be published in Fall 2017.
  • Delta Tau Sigma Honor Society Presentation: Presentation on Milton. Belmont Abbey College, 2015.
  • Religion and the Arts: Book Review Essay: “Exploring the Critical Turn to Religion in Early Modern Drama Studies.” Essay review of Religion and Drama in Early Modern England, edited by Jane Hwang Degenhardt and Elizabeth Williamson; Faith in Shakespeare by Richard C. McCoy; The End of Satisfaction: Drama and Repentance in the Age of Shakespeare by Heather Hirschfield. Boston College, 2015.
  • Religion and the Arts: Article published: “The Art of The Lord of the Rings: A Defense of the Aesthetic. Religion and the Arts 18.5 (2014).
  • Ignatius Critical Editions: Othello: Article. Title: “Othello: The Classical-Medieval Synthesis and the Platonic Concept of the Soul. © 2014.
  • Religion and the Arts: Book Review Essay: “In Praise of Language.” Essay Review of Robert Alter. Pen of Iron: American Prose and the King James Bible.