The Christianity and Culture minor at Belmont Abbey College emphasizes:

  • how Christian thought and practice engage culture

In this program, you will explore Christianity’s roots in the Mediterranean, stages of growth in Europe, expansion to the Americas, and current global status. You will come to better understand the relationship of Christianity to culture in your own time and place, and you will learn to articulate that relationship in conversation with a variety of audiences.

You’ll enjoy the Abbey’s Christianity and Culture minor if you:

  • love history, literature, theology, or politics
  • want to better understand connections between Christian faith and American or international cultures
  • want to better understand distinct geographies that have been vital to the development of Christian—and Western—civilization
  • want to develop a more global perspective on Christianity
  • want to better understand possible connections between Christian faith and professional life

From some perspectives it might seem that the influence of Christianity is declining in a Western or global setting. By contrast, we emphasize how Christianity has been essential to the past and present—and promises to shape the future—of the human community, sometimes in surprising ways. The minor will:

  • Build on the foundations of your core curriculum experience, drawing connections across disciplinary boundaries in upper-level courses
  • Prepare you to connect your overall experience at the Abbey to your life as a national and global citizen

With a Christianity and Culture minor from Belmont Abbey College, you will be better prepared to enter a broad variety of career areas such as:

  • religious life
  • graduate school
  • education