The Intramurals program at Belmont Abbey College provides an opportunity for students and members of the Abbey community (faculty and staff) to engage in structured sports for recreational purposes. Every effort is made to ensure a level, fair playing field so that different groups of students are able to interact on the field of play.

Fall semester intramural sports often include sand volleyball and flag football. Spring semester sports include soccer, ultimate Frisbee, and basketball. Throughout the year, there are single day events and tournaments that have included the following from recent years:


Sports Trivia Bowl

Bowling Leagues


Flag Football

Disc Golf


Ultimate Frisbee


Wiffle Ball



Risk Statement

The possibility of injury exists in all sports. The Office of Student Activities assumes no responsibility for injuries. All participants acknowledge the assumption of risk by voluntary participation in and intramural sports activity. All participants in intramurals sign the assumption of risk statements before they participate in any intramural sport. It is strongly advised that participants also carry medical insurance.