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Belmont Abbey Debaters Compete at Stanford University

The Belmont Abbey Debate Team returned Tuesday morning from Palo Alto, California for the United States Universities Debate Championships. Stanford University hosted approximately 500 debaters from across the country for three days of British Parliamentary Debate. The list of participating institutions is attached, along with the number of teams in parentheses.
Belmont Abbey students, Mary Rose Stepnowski and Adrianna Hodges, finished with a total of seven points. Finalized results show them placed about two points behind the average regional team that competes in the British Parliamentary format regularly. Advancing teams were almost exclusively Ivy League. Of four teams in each round, the debaters improved continually throughout the weekend, moving from fourth place finishes to a second place finish on Sunday. The duo finished first place in their final round. Furthermore, senior Mary Rose Stepnowski concluded her final college debate as the best of eight speakers.
This tournament concluded our 2017-2018 season. We look forward to sending off our seniors at the team party next week, and beginning plans for the following season. Thank you all for your continued support throughout this year. We look forward to continuing to build on the program’s foundation next semester!
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Belmont Abbey Students Debate Protest Ethics with French Officers from École de Guerre

The Belmont Abbey Debate Team returned from Washington, D.C. earlier this week after competing in the Lafayette Debates, hosted by George Washington University and the French Embassy. This year created the unique opportunity for debaters from the Ecole de Guerre, the United States Military Academy, and the United States Naval Academy to compete with traditional college