2020 Annual Security & Fire Safety Report

The above link provides our Annual Security & Fire Safety Report, issued each year by October 1 per the Clery Disclosure Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act. For questions or further information please contact our  Chief of Police Andy Leonard .

Reporting Crimes and Incidents

Members of the College community are urged to notify the Campus Police & Safety Department immediately of any criminal activity or other emergencies that occur on campus. Campus Police officers will respond quickly and initiate whatever action is necessary to resolve the emergency, including the activation of off-campus police, fire, or medical agencies when appropriate. The emergency telephone number on campus is ext. 9-911 (Gaston County Communications). For all other calls dial 704-461-6200. All crimes reported to the campus police department will be investigated until an arrest is made, leads are exhausted, or the victim refuses to prosecute or cooperate. Reports will be used to calculate annual statistical information.

Reporting of Crime Off-Campus

The campus community will also be notified within forty-eight hours of the College being aware of any crime of a severe nature that takes place near campus or at off-campus functions that are sponsored by Belmont Abbey.

Notification of Campus Crime and Dissemination of Campus Security Statistics

A rolling 60-day log of campus crime is available at the Campus Police & Safety Department located in Raphael Arthur Residence Hall. This log will indicate what crimes have taken place the month prior to the posting. If a crime of a severe nature occurs a notice will be posted within forty-eight hours after being reported. A copy of the current crime log is available at our Campus Police & Safety Department during regular business hours (M-F from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

The Clery information will be disseminated in the following formats:

    • In a pamphlet that will be distributed at orientation. Copies are also available in key offices around campus so that the community may obtain the information anytime during the year.
    • Safety and Statistical Information is also located below. The following Crime Statistics meet the reporting requirements as set forth in the Clery Act.
    • According to the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy the annual Crime Report is due U.S. Department of Education every October for the previous year.