Officers have authority to write North Carolina State Citations. If you receive a state citation it must be dealt with at the Gaston County Court House located in Gastonia , NC . If you have a question concerning a state citation do not ask the officer, please direct all questions towards the Chief of Campus Police .


State law and departmental regulation govern the use of weapons by Campus Police Officers. Officers shall use their firearms only to protect their lives or the life of another when there is a clear and immediate danger to life, or to prevent grievous injury to themselves or another when a clear and present danger exists. The use or possession of firearms or other weapons by anyone while on campus is not permitted even if such persons possess a North Carolina concealed weapons permit. If police officers from an outside agency are attending classes on campus, and are not in uniform, and are not within their jurisdictional boundaries, they are not to possess weapons on campus. If you become aware that a person has a weapon on campus, do not approach them. Notify campus police immediately.

Video Documentation

Campus Police officers and Campus Safety will utilize multimedia to record crimes and misconduct on campus. The findings can be used to adjudicate the violation in both campus and criminal court proceedings.


North Carolina liquor laws, related statutes, and campus alcohol polices govern the use of alcohol. A person under the age of twenty-one may not purchase, attempt to purchase, or possess alcoholic beverages, including malt beverages, fortified or unfortified wine, liquor or mixed drinks. Also prohibited is lending one’s identification to another to purchase or attempt to purchase alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is prohibited in all public areas on campus. If you are abusing alcohol please seek counseling immediately.


The College adheres strictly to federal and state laws governing the possession, distribution, or consumption of drugs, other controlled substances, and paraphernalia. Any person illegally possessing, distributing, or using such drugs or controlled substances will be subject to criminal prosecution. If you are using illegal drugs, or abusing prescription or over the counter drugs, please seek counseling immediately.

Counseling is available on campus for all persons who need assistance. Monday – Friday
8:00am – 5:00pm

After hours call Pathways
1.800.898.5898 or 704.867.4357

If you do not feel comfortable with seeking assistance on campus, please contact an outside agency for help.

PATHWAYS – 24 – Hours Crisis Emergency Services
1.800.898.5898 or 704.867.4357