The Brick Directory

Benedictine Hospitality, a tradition that began 1,500 years ago, continues today here at the Abbey. The story began in 1876 when two monks first made the Abbey their home and began forming the bricks of the buildings. Since then, countless men and women have offered their time, talent, and treasure to form their own “bricks” and shaping the way the Abbey is today. You’re part of that story, that tradition, that family that welcomes you back whenever you feel like coming home.

Leave a Legacy

Bricks have a long and storied history at Belmont Abbey College. We are famous for our “Carolina clay,” and from that clay came bricks for our church (1892-193), the monastery (1880’s-90’s), and our college buildings (1900-on) (Baumstein). In 1900, the college had one building – aptly named the College Building. That year, “two-thirds of the College Building is destroyed by fire” (Baumstein). The students took an active role not only in firefighting, but in the reconstruction and restoration of the ravaged building. Their work was so swift that classes in the fall started on schedule.

As a continuation of this tradition, each year the new Abbey students are invited to make bricks of their own. The bricks, each imprinted with the year the student enters the College, are being stored for future building projects on campus. While our students leave their marks on the Abbey by making bricks, our alumni participate in another way. The Lowry Alumni House at Belmont Abbey College has a brick patio, with bricks inscribed by and for alumni and their friends and families.

The Brick Directory

In the fall of 2017, Bridgette Conboy, the Alumni Director and an Abbey alumna herself, set a goal: to create a digital version of the patio. By having this “virtual patio,” the College could better preserve the information on these bricks, and our alumni and their friends and family could see “their” bricks. A few months later, and with help from Abbey librarian Sharon Bolger (a ’13 alumna), she was ready to present The Brick Directory of the Lowry Alumni House of Belmont Abbey College!

Please keep in mind that the patio is cleaned once a year in the spring. If your brick appears to need a cleaning, please rest assured that all the bricks will be cleaned in the spring and photos will be updated at that time. Photos of new bricks will be added after they have been purchased and installed.

The Brick Directory is in three parts: the database, the slideshow, and the diagrams.

Use the database to find your brick number, and to read brick inscriptions. The database is a spreadsheet that tells you each brick number, its inscription, and contains a link to the photo of the brick. (Bonus: Press CTRL + F to search the database!)

Use the slideshow to view all the photos of the bricks. (Bonus: The photos are also accessible individually in the database,  and can be shared across social media!)

Use the diagrams to see where your brick is, in relation to the patio as a whole. The diagrams are visualizations of the entire patio, and of each section of the patio. All bricks are numbered, and bricks with inscriptions are colored in. (Bonus: See whose bricks are next to yours!)

You are welcome to search the database for your name, year, or names of your friends, to share the photos online, to page through the diagrams to see where your brick is on the patio, or simply to play the slideshow to see all of the bricks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Bridgette at or call the Alumni Office at 704-461-6663.

The Brick Directory:

  1. The Diagrams
  1. Click here for Full Patio Diagram
  1. Use the diagrams to see where your brick is, in relation to the patio as a whole. The diagrams are visualizations of the entire patio, and of each section of the patio. All bricks are numbered, and bricks with inscriptions are colored in.
  1. Bonus: See whose bricks are next to yours!

  1. The Database
    Click here to download the Database.
  1. Use the database to find your brick number, and to read brick inscriptions. The database is a spreadsheet that tells you each brick number, its inscription, and contains a link to the photo of the brick. You are welcome to search the database for your name, year, or names of your friends!
  1. Bonus: Press CTRL + F to search the database!

Brick NumberPhotos Entry on brick
A074A074 PhotoKristine G Wiggins Frank D Palermo Class of 1991
A086A086 PhotoMike Zboyovski II Class of 2002 Asheville, NC
A137 A137 PhotoIn Loving Memory William Whitehouse The Cahn Family
A149A149 PhotoIn Honor of Ralph & Loretta Froneberger
A217A217 PhotoDarrel J. Dore Class of 1969
A218 A218 Photo Class of 1970 Challenge 1400 #4
A222A222 PhotoClass of 1966 Challenge 1400 #5
A227A227 PhotoJack Lee Steck Graduated Finally, 1996
A248A248 PhotoClass of 1969 Challenge 1400 #3
A252A252 PhotoClass of 1967 Challenge 1400 #2
A261A261 PhotoPaul J. Zingg Class of 1968
A265A265 PhotoJennifer Struble Class of 1994
A274 A274 PhotoClass of 1971 Challenge 1400 #1
A279A279 PhotoMsgr. John Williams
A287A287 PhotoLeo P Whittlesey Esquire Class of 1996
A324A324 PhotoMelissa Struble Class of 1998
A356-A357A356-A357 PhotoJoe Carroll Thomas Belmont Abbey College BA Class of 1954 Business Adm Major
A361A361 PhotoJeff Beverly Cannon Gale 2005
A376A376 PhotoRachel A. Hoffman Class of 2005
A391A391 PhotoJohn Timmins Class of 2000
A398A398 PhotoWilliam Oliver Sr. Mary Harris Oliver Class of 1970
A425A425 PhotoMelissa N Zaffiro Class of 1996
A430-A431A430-A431 PhotoJoe "Butts" Butfiloski - One of Al McGuire's Three Thorns - Belmont Hall of Fame Team 1940-2017
A436A436 PhotoAdler Family
A473A473 PhotoBarron H Wright "Barry" Accounting -1979
A489 A489 PhotoIn Loving Memory of Lawrence W. Healy
A493A493 PhotoTheresa R. Healy Class of 1979 and Sean & Kevin Furr
B028B028 PhotoJohn Joseph Condon III Class of 1969
B040B040 PhotoDr. Johnnie M. Lowry 1981
B052B052 PhotoMichael Warmington 1996
B056B056 PhotoAaron J. Condon Class of 1999
B063B063 PhotoCarol Brooks, Ph. D. Grateful for Growth at BAC
B079 B079 PhotoR. Allan Ehrich Class of 1969
B092 B092 PhotoIn Memory Of Vito & Marie Morlino
B096B096 PhotoNeil J. Darragh Belmont Abbey Benefactor
B100B100 PhotoCarrie Markham Congratulations 2009
B112B112 PhotoThe Solari Family
B132B132 PhotoAlan - Bootsie Gay Hearts 1950
B144B144 PhotoThe Bradley Institute 1996
B148B148 PhotoBob and Helen Preston
B155B155 PhotoJames P. Kirby Class of 1983
B192B192 PhotoThe Maisano Family
B200B200 PhotoKristin Clifford-Horton Class of 1987
B235B235 PhotoJoe Lacher Class of 1967
B272B272 PhotoMatthew E. Donahue Abbey Prep 1955
B280B280 PhotoMichael Walther Class of 1970
B287-290, 313-316B287-290, 313-316 PhotoBelmont Abbey College Debate Team Dennis M. Clare Class of 1965 Brian Mause Class of 1966 George F. Horner Class of 1966 Raymond Smith Class of 1968 Coach James Ahern
B319B319 PhotoCurran
B328B328 PhotoJohn E Moses DDS Joseph M Moses DDS Belmont NC 1946
B331B331 PhotoJoseph P. Cavanaugh Class of 1985
C043C043 PhotoNicholas C Godfrey Class of 2000
C057 C057 PhotoMichael D. Dodgin Class of 2002
C084C084 PhotoIn Memory of Jason Jordan Class of 1995
C106C106 PhotoTom Timmins Class of 1998
C122C122 PhotoChristy Simcox Class of 1993
C166C166 PhotoPaul "Midget" Darcy Centennial Class '76 *Putnam*
C182C182 PhotoEdward & Judy Gilfeather May 9, 1998
C196C196 PhotoRon T. Smith Stanley, NC Class of 1999
C200 C200 PhotoTom & Sue Byrne Parents of Tara '93 Kerry '95
C204C204 PhotoAndy Simcox Class of 1998
C244C244 PhotoTom & Sue Byrne Parents of Tara 93 & Kerry 95
C247C247 PhotoJohn J. White Class of 1988
C256C256 PhotoDavid Bowers Mayor of Roanoke 1974
C263C263 PhotoMary Simcox Class of 1989
C299C299 PhotoJohn Kelleher "NEO" Class of 1970
C300C300 PhotoKathy Connelly Kelleher SHC Class of 1970
C324C324 PhotoJean Marie Kilpatrick Class of 1976 (Needs new photo)
C334C334 PhotoThe Calzadilla Family 2000 & 2011
C360C360 PhotoMichael Calzadilla 2000
C364C364 PhotoDr. & Mrs. Mark Schulte 1973
C382C382 PhotoRalph D. Tileston Class of 1977
C397-398C397-398 PhotoCharles R Hutchins CPA Gastonia, NC Salutatorian Class of 1965
C406C406 PhotoTed, Belinda Hawley (Phi Kappa Theta) USMC Class of 1968
C436C436 PhotoJ. Dezmond Waters III Class of '64 SUM ERGO COGITO
C437C437 PhotoChristine M. Tileston Class of 2004
C447-448C447-448 PhotoIn Honor of Dr. C. K. Chan Valedictorian Class of 1961
C453C453 PhotoSharon Skattle and Friends 1973 - 1975
C458C458 PhotoTom Brennan 1967
C461C461 PhotoDr. L. Edward Antosek (Phi Kappa Theta) Class of 1968
D010D010 PhotoIn Memory of My loyal dog, Kinard Jim Andriole - 1980
D017D017 PhotoIn Memory Ed Garcia Class of 1990
D022D022 PhotoTheresa R. Healy Class of 1979-Sons Sean and Kevin Furr
D026D026 PhotoIn Loving Memory of Lawrence W. Healy
D031D031 PhotoStephanie Turgeon Class of 1998
D069D069 PhotoCreighton Schneck Class of 1967
D074D074 PhotoFor Matthew, George, Jean, & John
D086D086 PhotoLuis G. Lobo 1983 Sigma Phi Epsilon
D107D107 PhotoM. K. Wright ADP President 1996
D117D117 PhotoCarlos A. Lobo 1986 Sigma Phi Epsilon
D122D122 PhotoLarry W. Hartsell Class of 1970 Jan Hartsell
D130D130 PhotoIn Gratitude Kim P. Gahn Hintemeyer 2004
D137D137 PhotoReginald R. Wright AB Accounting 1965 Birmingham, Alabama
D169D169 PhotoMellissa M. Zaffiro Class of 1996
D207D207 PhotoRobert "Bob" Kelly Class of 1951
D211D211 PhotoPaul Anthony Sifford 1998
D217-218D217-218 PhotoIn Memoriam Frs. Reymond Geyer and Lawrence Willis Rest in Christ Ben (06) & Chrissy Safranski
D233D233 PhotoEileen J. O'Rourke 1986
D249D249 PhotoDavid & Gwen Rhodes 1999
D265-266D265-266 PhotoDanny "Sunshine" Doyle Class of 1961
D272D272 PhotoRichard Easton Class of '72 Baseball MVP '71
D289D289 PhotoFrank J. Tassone, Jr. Class of 1970
D311 D311 PhotoTina Allen Morgan In honor of son, Blane Allen Morgan
D320D320 PhotoKevin G. Martin Lexington, KY Class of 2000
D324D324 PhotoJoseph Roy Class of 2001
D331D331 PhotoSara Taylor Lowry SHC
D335D335 PhotoTo Amy Mahoney Best Friend Ever! From Leo, Class 85
D357D357 PhotoJohn '93 Cameron '94 Parks
D384D384 PhotoJohn Firca Class of 1974 Belmont Abbey Radio
D392D392 PhotoIn Loving Memory James J Gallagher Class of 1969
E002E002 photoCarol Wilson Friend of the College
E014E014 photoIn Memory of John R. Ciucevich 1934-2008
E022E022 photoMary Jo Wetmore 1965
E034E034 photoIn loving memory of Carl W. Cleveland
E079-E080E079-E080 photoIn honor of Br. Tobiah Abbott on his 10th Anniversary Love, Mom and Michael
E089E089 photoThe Murphy Family Jim, Kevin, John, Tom, Colleen
E098E098 photoChristine O'Neil Dhionis SHC Class of 1970
E103-104E103-104 photoIn Memory of John F. Gettemans Class of 1934 Distinguished Biochemist
E109 E109 photoFran and Felipe Pineros 1999
E113E113 photoErin Szejner Brown Jonathon Brown Class of 1997
E138E138 photoChris Chesner 1997
E145E145 photoRichard & Jennifer Buerkle-Classes of 2000 & 2001
E154E154 photoDebbie McDowell Class of 2000
E158E158 photoKristine G Wiggins Sr. Class President 1991
E175-176E175-176 photoPaul Poschmann Posch CSH N.Y. '65 Tennis 4 Soccer 4 MVP A.So. A.A.
E189E189 photo"Jack" Hanahan Teacher & Friend
E198E198 photoAnn D. Tolino Class of 1984
E230E230 photoChuck Collins 1969
E233E233 photoPeggy M. McGlohon BAC Friend Honorary Alumna '11
E237E237 photoCharles T. Shrout Class of 1971
E266E266 photoDavid Hoover and Family Class of 1987
E269E269 photoThanks to all the Great People at BAC From M.Schulte
E273E273 photoIn Loving Memory Nicholas Wolford Aunt Sandy Gardner
E278E278 photoRobbie Dills Class of 2002
E286E286 photoRobert W. Adams 1979 Cum Laude
E314E314 photoLeo J. Phillips Class of 1985
E317E317 photoCharles T. Shrout Class of 1971
E325E325 photoJohn Stacca Class of 1965
E345E345 photoDavid & Maria Buerkle 96' and '97
E357E357 photoTodd Frankowski 1984
E362E362 photoCharles E. (Ed) Mason -TKE Class of 1967
F004F004 photoRobert Demuro esq. 1978
F020F020 photoBruce Philip Wofford 1966
F027F027 photoPhil Kiefer '68 Betsy Kiefer '02
F037F037 photoThe Scholl Girls Bridget Anne Dennis SHA '49 '49 '52
F051-054, 079-082F051-054, 079-082 PhotoPhi Kappa Theta AP Est. 12/21/1959 Dedicated to All Our Brothers Living and Deceased Give, expecting nothing thereof Jim Adams, Ed Andtosek, Harry Black, Tom Bledsoe John Ganem, Ted Hawley, Monte Monteleone, Ken Wilburn
F060F060 photoDoug Easton Class of '70 Baseball MVP '70
F075F075 photoThe Werle's Matt 97, Andrea 94 Grace and Jack
F097F097 photoRose Mankiewicz 2010
F106F106 photoDon Krafnick Class of 1970
F110F110 photoMichael Maher, PhD Class of 1996
F120F120 photoFrank D. Delrey 1947
F132F132 photoLarry Simcox Class of 1992
F136F136 photoPaul Forde '79 K. Loughlin '78
F141F141 photoDonna Elaine Myers Bush 1978-SHC
F150F150 photoKyle M. Vorst Class of 2001
F162F162 photoJohnnie Ganem Savannah, GA Class of 1968
F166F166 photoSkip Boswell Class of 1967 (Phi Kappa Theta)
F172F172 photoMary C. Erhard 1989
F180 F180 photoTim Dailey Janet Murphy Dailey '89 & '91
F196F196 photoMartin J Kristofak 2000
F210F210 photoTim Dailey Janet Murphy Dailey '89 & '91
F217-218F217-218 photoJames J. Kelley 1969
F232F232 photoThe Hearn's Tucker '96 Caroline Broodno
F251F251 photoIn Gratitude of BAC The Klinkers Mike '76 & Joe '03
F253-254F253-254 photoThe Peter Keber Family
F269F269 photoJohn Paul Discoll BA, Class of 1973 BS. NCSU MS. Texas
F292F292 photoCarrie Markham Congratulations 2009
F304F304 photoK. John Rossi, Jr. (Delta Tau Delta IH) Class of 2006
F313F313 photoMr. & Mrs. F. Hanft
F318F318 photoJohn Sacca Class of '65
F322F322 photoMichael and Annette Ellis Class of 1990
F356F356 photoBAC - Forever In our Hearts! Janeen Paprote '05
F366F366 photoEdward A. Murphy Class of 1973 Belmont Abbey Radio
F378F378 photoDr. Gary and Sharon Greene TE AMO - 1975
F390F390 photoIn Loving Memory Megan Healy 2/18/1996
G009G009 photoStephen John Plecnik Class of 2009
G043G043 photoMichael Joseph Plecnik Class of 2007
G051G051 photoWilliam Oliver Sr Mary Harris Oliver Class of 1970
G061G061 photoThomas Walter Plecnik Class of 2005
G095G095 photoJames Matthias Plecnik Class of 2006
G104G104 photoKatherine Mary Plecnik Class of 2009
G108G108 photoKevin P. Mahoney Class of 1983
G114G114 photoJeffrey M Gayle 2005
G148G148 photoJohn Thomas Plecnik Class of 2003
G155G155 photoRebeka Anne Plecnik Class of 2003
G167G167 photoCatherine E. Resha Lakoff Class of 1998
G189G189 photoGrace Rohm 1999
G199G199 photoKaren Pollard Class of 1979
G208G208 photoLin J. Hales Class of 2004
G212G212 photoRichard Bates '86 Liz Curl Bates '88 Brandon F Bates
G215G215 photoLee F. McGuiness Class of 1957 Wife: Janie
G220G220 photoChris and Jonica Gaskill 1993
G260G260 photoStan Pons Class of 1999
G267G267 photoCarolyn '86 John '96 Pesackis
G276G276 photoEileen J. O'Rourke 1986
G279G279 photoBradley James Stallings Class of 2012
G320 G320 photoJohn R. Davis Class of 1966
G328G328 photo Robert Dills Christin Harrison Class of 2002
G337G337 photoGayle W. Dobbs Office of Alumni Honorary Alumna '11
G372G372 photoClyde W. Karriker, Jr. 1960
G379G379 photoJohn Mullis and Family 1970
G388G388 photoKevin J. Kirk Class of 1973
H013H013 photoCarl Gallela '69 Jessie Gallela '98
H026H026 photoBrian Grealey 1988
H033H033 photoFrank Carpenter AKA "Eagle" 1971
H042H042 PhotoCassidy Downey-Beverly Class of 2017
H053H053 photoPatrick C. Haller Class of 2008
H065H065 photoEd & Kathy Dowd
H069H069 photoJohn R Davis Legend 1966
H070H070 photoBill "Slick" Collins All American 'SS' 1966
H073H073 photoFrank Gilreath Jr. Class of 1940
H077H077 photoKathleen Walsh Class of 2009
H082H082 photoChris O'Shea Class of 2001
H086H086 photoMichael M. Foley Class of 1984
H089H089 photoAlison Archer Fey Golden Heart Class of 1990
H093H093 photoEric A Borysiewicz 1973
H094H094 photoGeorge F. Horner Class of 1966
H121H121 photoKristine '87 Owen '87 McFadden
H126H126 photoWGM Design Inc.
H165H165 photoPeter P. Quigney Class of 1969
H186H186 photoGerard (Jerry) W. Russell Class of 1969
H197H197 photoKristin M. Erhard 1998
H202H202 photoMr. and Mrs. Charles A. Mitchell
H205H205 photoAnthony J. Esposito Hudson, New York Class of 1998
H242H242 photoBarbara Ward 1994
H246H246 photoJennifer (Rhodes) Reilly 2001 and James Reilly 1998
H249H249 photoTeresa and Brian Weyeneth 2011 Finally!
H254H254 photoCamillo B. Locasto, MD
H258H258 photoJohn Michael Tracy Class of 2008
H298H298 photoIn Loving Memory of my grandparents Nan and Papa
H301H301 photoThe Lebold Family Tanya (Goria '89) David & Blaise
H313H313 photoJessica L. George Class of 2004
H314H314 photoMatthew P. Ferrante Class of 2003
H319-320H319-320 photoDick and Lucia Sullivan Class of 1967
H329H329 photoMayor David Bowers Roanoke, Virginia 1974
H358H358 photoJames C. Shaw Class of 1950
H361H361 photoSophia Eilikrines 1998
I007I007 photoRobbie Dills Class of 2002
I024I024 photoIn loving memory Michael & Sarah Healy
I029I029 photoPeggy McCloskey BAC Class of 1977
I041I041 photoChuck Muller 1956
I042I042 photoFrances England Muller SHC 1950
I045I045 photoDebbie Boggess Class of 1979
I060I060 photoCassandra N Phillips 2009
I072I072 photoJohn M. Glovik Class of 2000
I093I093 photoIn Loving Memory Peter Paternostro 1/17/2007
I115I115 photoJohn Paul Discoll Engineering/Arts BA, Class 1973
I119I119 photoThe Lebold Family Tanya (Goria '89) David & Blaise
I124I124 photoBrad and Shannon Thomas '91 and '92
I132I132 photoEric Weisenhorn 1981-1983
I141I141 photoThomas G McLoughlin '67
I145I145 photoLiz Griffin O'Reilly Class of 1998
I154I154 photoBernice B Locasto
I165I165 photoRobbin Flanagan Carver Class of '80
I172I172 photoIn Memory of Alpha Sigma Tau Margaret Lauzon Class of 1997
I205I205 photoAndrea Bonanno Class of 2001
I222I222 photoVicki A Patrizio Class of 1988
I228I228 photoHeather Eileen Smith Class of 1997
I240I240 photoErin Szeiner Brown Jonathan Brown Class of 1997
I243I243 photoMike & Leslie Corn Matt Corn Class of 2000
I253I253 photoJohn Cavanaugh 1985
I257I257 photoJonathan Carpenter 1998
I266I266 photoIn Honor of Brenda Dabrowski Belmont NC 28012
I292I292 photoDr. William G Monroe III Class of 2006
I304I304 photoDr. Denis O'Fallon Class of 1979 Mrs. Celia O'Fallon
I308I308 photoBrenda Russo Blum James A Blum Class of 1991
I309I309 photoMatthew T Adams Class of 2007
I325I325 photoCarl and Christina Desmarias Class of 1978
I313I313 photoBob, Joanne, Andrew, & Adam Breiner 1976
I344I344 photoMartha and Jerry Schmitt
I347I347 photoJohn R. Davis Legend 1966
I352I352 photoAn Abbey breeze is a breath from God. Renae F. Heustess
I360I360 photoMichael K Cavey Class of 1988
I366I366 photoBrian Souza Asuncion-Paraguay Class of 2006
I383-I384I383-I384 photoJim & Nancy Naylor Class of 1973
J011-012J011-012 photoGayle Hanft Class of 1996
J018J018 photoRev. David E Kessinger Class of 1951
J021J021 photoJack Murphy Class of 1969
J031-032J031-032 photoIn gratitude to the Abbey for a second chance at life Kevin Butterfield Class of 1992
J065J065 photoThe Lebold Family Tanya (Gloria '89) David & Blaise
J081J081 photoCharles T. Hillon Class of 1956
J092J092 photoMarjorie McDermott Librarian
J096J096 photoRobert J. Donnelly 1969
J099J099 photoMichael O'Donnell Class of 1998 Delmar, New York
J133J133 photoB.A.R.F. 1975-1986 Belmont Abbey Rugby Football
J156J156 photoMichael McHugh Yanch Class of 83
J169J169 photoSandy Gardner 1985
J173-174J173-174 photoWe honor Frank L Johnson Loving and Devoted Husband & Father and Best Grandfather!
J193J193 photoJack B. Harvie
J212J212 photoLinda Farmer 1983
J233J233 photoCharles "Ed"Mason TKE Class of 1967 Charleston, WV
J255J255 photoPinto Metal Fabrication 1998
J275J275 photoBill Martell Class of 1972
K010K010 photoIn Memory of Jack Yanch
K014K014 photoJeffrey T. Skidmore Class of 1987
K021-022K021-022 photoConor Colclough Class of 2015 Truth never yet fell dead in the streets -Parker
K029K029 photoIn memory of Alpha Sigma Tau Margaret M lawson Class of 1997
K043-044K043-044 photoChris and Connie Colclough A school in the Lord's service -St. Benedict
K050 K050 photoMr. Edward K. Showfety 2008
K051-052K051-052 photoChristopher Colclough Class of 2013 Nil ego contulerim iucundo sanus amico -Horace
K069K069 photoPi Kappa Phi Granley 1983
K082K082 photoAmy R. Powell Johnson Class of 1998
K089K089 photoJoseph Adam Jarecki, Jr. Class of 1968
K129K129 photoGreg and Moira Cranley 1983
K141 K141 photoSemper Fidelis The McCarthys Lincolnton NC
K149K149 photoGayle Liakos Wife of George Class of 1969
K158K158 photoKaty I. St. Marie Class of 1999
K189K189 photoJack Sherry Champ - Coach 1949
K197K197 photoBill Kitusky Class of 1978
K201K201 photoR U a Turtle I am Peggy McDermott '84 3.5 years of fun!
K209K209 photoSally (Falta) Many Class of 1985 Go Abbey!
K229K229 photoY. John Lee Class of 1996
L003-004L003-004 photoColleen Colclough Class of 2011 Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers -Tennyson
L008L008 photoFelipe M. Villalon Tau Kappa Epsilon Class of 1968
L011L011 photoJames F. Byrne, Jr. Sue Ellen Davis Byrne Class of 1971
L024L024 photoThe Cassidy Family
L028L028 photoDalton Alexander Class of 1961
L033 L033 photoDanny Crayton 1999
L042L042 photoJohn Michael Murphy Class of 1969
L045L045 photoIn Loving Memory Mary Pfab Calugar Class of 1979
L050L050 photoFrancis Carpenter 1971
L063L063 photoJanet Lynn Johnson
L072L072 photoMichael, Christina, & Alexis Cavey Family 1988
L093L093 photoGregory John Adams Class of 1998
L110>L110 photoDan M. Parker Jr. Class of 1967
L116L116 photoJerry Howard Talley Father, Grandfather 12/30/36 - 9/18/06
L123L123 PhotoBrad and Shannon Thomas '91 and '92
L131L131 photoJohn B. (Jack) Stutz Class of 1942
L153L153 photoJohn A Moran 1949
L166L166 photoIn Loving Memory Joseph C. Mullis
L175L175 photoLisa Nanette Mitchell Class of 1998
L183L183 PhotoCreative Solutions Special Events
L198L198 photoThanks to Everyone at the Abbey Mark Schulte '73
L233-234L233-234 photoCopland O'Neil 2008
L239L239 photoPaul C. Starnes Teacher and Artist Class of 1971
L247L247 photoJim Kraus Class of 1972
L257L257 photoJanet Lynne Johnson SH, 1978
BoR035BoR035 photoCharlie & Dot Martin 1970
BoR037BoR037 photoGeorge Liakos Class of 1969
BoR039BoR039 photoJerry Vincent 1965
BoR043BoR043 photoPenny Holmes '73 Caitlin Holmes '09 Thanks BAC
BoR045BoR045 photoDoug Wetmore 1965
BoR048BoR048 photoLisa Renee Farmer 2008
BoR052BoR052 photoDavid Mikolajczyk Class of 1978
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“Benedictine monks take a vow of stability, a lifetime profession to a particular monastery. This commitment provides a unique base of strength and longevity on which the monastic community, and in turn, that of the greater College stands. True to this Benedictine tradition, the pioneers of Belmont Abbey sought to develop a life and character that would endure. Abbot Leo Haid believed study brick buildings would express values like stability and beauty. Around these structures thrived a rich human element, comprised of varied individuals, both young and old, monk and student, cleric and lay, male and (later) female, whowere nurtured into a whole by scholarship, religion, strenuous effort and the fraternity of their common life. For both the College and the Monastery, the buildings, the people and their activities have formed a strong, enduring tradition and a lasting stability.” – Father Paschal Baumstein, O.S.B., Blessing the Years to Come: Belmont Abbey, a pictorial perspective

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If you have any questions or concerns, please email Bridgette at or call the Alumni Office at 704-461-6663.