Belmont Abbey College Reset Tuition to $18,500 for Traditional Undergraduate Students.

Belmont Abbey College reduced its tuition price by 33% to $18,500 per year beginning in fall 2013 for all students. This tuition reset makes Belmont Abbey College one of the most reasonably-priced private colleges or universities in the country.

Read the official press release from Belmont Abbey College.

We reset tuition to help burst the private education tuition bubble and provide an outstanding education opportunity for all students at an affordable price. Average tuition has spiraled out of control, having risen 440% in the past 25 years and many good students are discouraged from applying to colleges based on the published price alone. These escalating costs make a quality education seem out of reach to many students and their families. We want to reverse this trend.
By resetting tuition at $18,500, Belmont Abbey College will help close the gap between the published tuition price and actual cost. We will also attract more students looking for a reasonably-priced private college education with a focus on development of the whole person in mind, body and spirit.
Ever escalating tuition costs are unsustainable. With our enrollment at an all-time high, the recent addition of extraordinarily-gifted faculty members and campus improvements such as a new dining hall, fitness facility, student center and two new residence halls, we believe this is the perfect time to reset tuition.

FAQ about the Abbey’s tuition reset.

Belmont Abbey has become increasingly concerned about students’ access to a private college education. Eight years ago we reduced our tuition for students in the Adult Degree Program (23+) and now, to complete this process, we are doing something similar for traditional undergraduate students and their families. For the past two years, we have been informally discussing various pricing options. We have limited our overhead costs and are now in a position to reduce our tuition price without affecting the excellence of a Belmont Abbey College education.


No. The educational experience inside and out of the classroom will remain the same. Belmont Abbey has gained a national reputation for the outstanding education it offers. We will maintain the high quality of education and services we provide while meeting the educational needs of each individual student.