How Long Will it Take to Get My Degree?

Per Year

If you’re starting your degree from the very beginning as a first year freshman, you can expect to complete your degree in four years (yes, four years), by only attending two nights  a week. We offer five 8-week sessions per year, and you’ll take two classes (6 hours) each 8-week session. This totals to 30 hours per year; over 4 years that equals 120 hours — 120 hours = your degree!!

There are five 8-week sessions:ADP cropped

  1. Fall Session I
  2. Fall Session II
  3. Spring Session I
  4. Spring Session II
  5. Summer Session

For transfer students with an associates of arts degree from a North Carolina community college, you typically can complete your degree in 2 years. We can transfer up to 64 credit hours. With other transfer students, we can do a preliminary transcript analysis, and based on that, give you a good idea of what to expect.

All you have to do is get started!

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