BAC Criminal Justice Class Visits London over Spring Break

Julia Beeman, Department Chair

  The Academic Departments at the Abbey, always attempting to be in sync with the excitement of campus, never cease to find new ways to engage Abbey students.  With that in mind, the Criminal Justice Department began creating the new course English Foundations of American Law, which was offered for the first time in Spring 2015.  Professor Steve Ward is an attorney who has made numerous trips to London.  He was instrumental in finding way to not only teach students about the important historical connections between the US and the British legal systems, but to show the students the very places where those connections began. What better way to do this but a trip to London! Armed with his legal education, knowledge of the city and personal contacts, he put together an 8-week classroom course that focused on the narrative of the history of government and the church, law enforcement and courts of England. The class discussed how those foundations remained the same or changed in America after the Revolutionary War and the writing of our Constitution, and how we continue to see similarities in 21st century America.

Criminal Justice Department in London