Admission Requirements

The Honors College welcomes students who have the following qualities:

  • Love of reading.

  • Seriousness of purpose and excellent character.

  • Readiness to engage (in and out of the classroom) in thoughtful consideration of ideas, issues, and questions by way of quiet perceptiveness or thoughtful remarks.

  • A giving, humble, and inquisitive disposition.

A student will be considered for the Honors College upon reception of his / her Belmont Abbey College application and transcript.

Reading in the Library


Welcome to the Honors College at Belmont Abbey! I am eager for you to learn more about the unique community of scholars being formed here. As a student in the Honors College, you will spend four years with other intellectually and morally serious young men and women studying works by many of the greatest thinkers in the Western Tradition. Engaged in this undertaking, you will be presented with the opportunity to engage in what is rightly considered the highest form of human friendship: a shared life dedicated to the pursuit of wisdom.

If the possibility of such an endeavor is attractive to you, I urge you to explore the Honors College further and consider joining us. For information contact Dr. Wysocki at

God Bless,

Dr. Joseph Wysocki, PhD ’04
Dean of the Honors College
Associate Professor of Government & Political Philosophy

Honors College