At Belmont Abbey College, the health of our students, faculty, staff, and community are of the highest priority. That is why our maintenance department set out to upgrade the air quality in our campus buildings.

Their team has been tirelessly working in conjunction with Global Plasma Solutions to install bipolar plasma ionization units throughout campus. These systems will kill bacteria and viruses in the air and on surfaces. Currently, units have been fully installed in the Dining Hall, Abbot Vincent Taylor Library, and William Gaston Science Building and installation is currently underway in St. Leo Hall, Robert Lee Stowe Hall, and Cuthbert Allen Apartments. Units are also scheduled for installation in Holy Grounds Coffee Shop & Cafe, Abbot Walter Coggin Student Center, Lowry Alumni House, and Chi Rho House. Additional buildings may receive units as installation progresses.

Our maintenance team at Belmont Abbey College has done a superior job of ensuring safe, clean buildings and grounds on our campus and we appreciate all their hard work!

Click here for more information on bipolar plasma ionization and the science behind it.

Clean Air