The faculty at Belmont Abbey College continues the tradition of personal attention and academic excellence begun in 1876 by the first scholar-monks of Belmont Abbey.

Our faculty understand that our mission is “to educate students in the liberal arts and sciences so that God may be glorified” under the guidance of “the Catholic intellectual tradition and the Benedictine spirit of prayer and learning.”

Why does that matter?

Simply because professors shape the learning experience of the student and can impact a student’s life inside the classroom, as well as outside by advising clubs and extracurricular groups.

Many professors at secular colleges have become so intolerant of religion of any kind; they forget that the Catholic intellectual tradition has always been open to the search for truth and encourages academic inquiry. Our faculty members encourage honest and civil discourse and maintain that faith and reason are not mutually exclusive.

Students at Belmont Abbey College can trust that they will never be asked to hold their intellectual questions at the door in order to fit into a religious box. Instead, our professors encourage students to wrestle with doctrine by pointing them to balanced sources and teaching them to think critically while they study.

Year after year, surveys from our graduates show that their professors had a positive and lasting impact on their time at Belmont Abbey College.