At our college, we have many kinds of students, and our overarching environment of wonder is present for everyone. Young adults living on campus, a student who is commuting, or a non-traditional student taking classes at night, all have the same opportunity to seek the truth, to learn inside and outside of the classroom, and to thrive personally, professionally, and spiritually.

 One of the things that sets the Abbey apart from other colleges is our emphasis on community. This tight-knit association doesn’t just mean camaraderie between students, although alumni frequently say they’ve forged life-long friendships during their years here. It is a community that is united by a common goal: to seek what is true.

 A distinguishing mark of students at the Abbey is their desire to grow. This journey happens in the classroom, certainly, whether you’re a nontraditional student in our accounting program or an undergraduate studying theology. But it also happens outside of the classroom — in the halls after class, in our cafe and around campus on social occasions. 

 This comprehensive environment of learning also is evident the moment you fall into conversation with a professor or monk. We are so grateful to have an academically excellent faculty who truly care about their students. Professors regularly make time for their students, inside and out of the classroom, because personalize every student’s success and want them to flourish.

Of course, the Abbey would not be the same without our monks, who are present not only for Mass,  confession, and spiritual direction but also for the impromptu conversation on our grounds. They seek to know our students and connect with them over the course of a college career and a lifetime. 

 These pervasive characteristics of community and inquiry contribute to a student’s fruitful life. In addition to getting a degree, students truly thrive here. An Abbey education is more than in-depth learning about a particular subject area. The years here form the foundation for a joyful life — the true measure of achievement.