A few years ago, we ran an awareness campaign based on the familiar slogan for the dairy industry “Got Milk?,” using instead “Got Monks?” Yes, you might roll your eyes at our use of this silly phrase, but it certainly did catch people’s attention.

After all, our students quickly get used to seeing monks in the classrooms, at sporting events, grabbing a cup of coffee, and, of course, at the Basilica. While it’s a common sight here at Belmont Abbey College, it would be quite a surprise to see this almost anywhere else!

Monasticism and education have gone hand in hand for a long time. In fact, they are credited for preserving great texts of the Western Tradition, as well as passing on higher learning throughout the Medieval era. The charism of living a life of “ora et labora” (prayer and work), as our Benedictines call it, makes education a natural fit for the contemplative life of a monk.

Here on campus, the monks of Belmont Abbey are part of what makes our community life special. Their warm spirituality of hospitality makes so many students, Catholic or not, feel welcome. This sense of belonging is what so many of our alumni remember and carry with them after their time at the Abbey.

Whether you are chatting with a monk about your day, discussing life’s big and small questions, or just receiving a friendly wave on your way to class, we are blessed to have them here with us! If you haven’t had a chance to get to know any of the monks yet, make it a point to say hello sometime this week!