As a result of the shift from in-person classes and residency to remote curriculum delivery on March 30th, we are providing students with a credit for the unused portion of their room, meal plan, and related sales tax fees. This credit will be applied to student accounts today, May 14, and is calculated based on the date when the final decision was determined to move to remote learning (40% of the semester remaining).

The calculation for the unused portion of  a student’s spring 2020 room, meal plan, and related sales tax, requires two calculations, which are as follows:

Student Contribution Calculation

(Student Payments + Student/Parent loans)

Divided by

(Tuition +Room + Meal plan and related sales tax)


Student Contribution

(Limited to 100%)

Total Credit Calculation

40% of (Room + Meal Plan and related Sales Tax)

Multiplied by

Student Contribution (above)


Total credit

  • If a student has a balance due as of May 14, the credits will help resolve the balance due.   
  • If a student wishes to have the credit applied toward their balance for summer 2020, they must contact the Crusader Success Hub by sending an email to from their BAC email.
  • Upon satisfaction of a student’s outstanding account balance, the College will issue a check or direct deposit for the surplus amount. To expedite payment, please update banking information at the following secure link: As a reminder, please do not communicate banking information via email or text.