Our Honors College is a unique curriculum focusing on the the Great Books and leading students on a path of enlightenment for the whole person. The program focuses on a curriculum and events that are diverse and well-rounded, allowing students to experience new ideas and gain new knowledge that isn’t found in the traditional educational experience. 

The faculty of the Honors College, Dr. Joseph Wysocki, Dr. Christine Basil, and Dr. Joshua Hren, are on a mission to reach prospective students in the comfort of their own homes with pointed webinars addressing questions they may have. Their upcoming webinar, taking place on Wednesday, December 18th, at 7 pm, addresses what a study of Great Books will do for a student’s future. It will give you insight into what the Great Books are and the importance of pursuing them.

You can register for this webinar by clicking here.

To learn more about the Honors College, visit their website, or watch their most recent webinar, An Education for Happiness:  

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