Learn. Seek. Thrive.

Belmont Abbey College Launches New Brand and Online Campaign

Attempting to define our college with a simple phrase and theme is inherently challenging. The hope being that where we land and where we take our brand is a direction that will both encapsulate a clear definition that is unique to Belmont Abbey College as well as attract students that will contribute and succeed at our college. 

The process we embarked on was a thorough one, including research and interviews with faculty, staff, alumni, current students, monks, and our executive team. We have come to a conclusion on this process and have begun to launch a new campaign built around the chosen theme.

The brand theme line selected is “Learn. Seek. Thrive.” This theme will be supported by “The Catholic College of the South,” enabling us to reach new markets, define our unique promise, and attract students who will thrive both on our campus and in life. 

In developing this new theme, we wanted it to represent the whole college while also aiding us in standing out uniquely amongst our peers. We are not the college that promises simply to educate but rather to give you a life that is a blessing to oneself and others. We are the college that helps you learn, but also to seek that which has a deeper meaning, a higher calling, and has value beyond this life. The combination of these three terms encapsulates our promise and signals to prospective students and families that Belmont Abbey College is different, set apart, and focused on that which matters most—a joyful and happy life pushed to its fulfillment by a strong educational foundation.

This November we have begun a new online campaign to raise both national and regional awareness. The campaign will utilize a variety of online tools across various platforms. You’ll see us in display advertising, on Google Adwords, in social media, and many other places. Our goal is to attract new students locally, regionally, and internationally. Keep your eyes out and let us know how we’re doing!

Thank you again to the Abbey community for your help in developing this next step in the life of Belmont Abbey College. 

Rolando Rivas
Executive Director for College Marketing & Communications

Learn. Seek. Thrive.