Honors CollegeThe Honors College at Belmont Abbey College has been garnering attention for its focus not only on career readiness, but on preparing students for a well-lived life. The program is conducted in an atmosphere that encourages growth in faith and virtue while studying great minds and exploring the contemporary crises that shape our current culture.

The Imaginative Conservative, in an article titled The Lost Art of Classical Education authored by Randall Tumlinson, explores a shift that has occurred in higher education over the last century, but applauds schools, such as Belmont Abbey College, that pursue the “…study of freedom of the self and obligation to community.” Tumlinson states that while many schools have strayed away from these pursuits, “Some honors colleges, like those at Baylor University and Belmont Abbey College, are making sturdy attempts to restore a larger and grander view of the work of higher education.”

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