Soon Belmont Abbey College will break ground on the newest addition to its campus, a 136-room residence hall. The largest capital investment in the college’s history, the new hall will primarily serve upperclassmen but also add new classroom, office, and meeting space. MKC Architects designed the new building to mirror the Gothic architecture prominent on the college’s campus. University Housing Solutions is the contractor building the new facility.

“Each year we ask approximately 100 students to move off-campus and ask many more students to reside with more roommates than is ideal for our vision of student success,” said Allan Mark, Executive Vice President for Administration, Finance, and Operations. “The new halls will provide the College with the ability to accommodate all students who want to live on campus and allow them to take full advantage of life at the Abbey.”

The City of Belmont, their planning, and their zoning departments have all approved the structure and at this time only additional permitting remains before construction can begin. The plans include additional parking for residents of the new hall. The as of yet unnamed newresidence hall will be situated across from the softball field. The college has plans for a duplicate residence in the near future adjacent to the new dorm. In addition to these newaccommodations, the college is also considering additional food service options for 2020 and beyond.

The structure will be five stories, with the first story having meeting areas, social areas, offices, two classrooms, and a student lounge available to all students, including commuters. The upper floors will alternate between a men’s and women’s floor. Each residence floor will have a kitchenette, study areas, a laundry area, and a gathering area on each side. For security, the upper floors will only be accessible via the elevator and the stairwell with the student’s magnetic ID that will permit them to their floor.

“The new residence hall answers a need we’ve had for several years,” said Tom Macalester, Dean of Student Life, “When students live on campus, they have a more enjoyable and more successful college career. We look forward to having greater capacity on our campus, and giving more students the ability to call Belmont Abbey College their home away from home.”

The new hall will open in August of 2020. The annual cost for the new residence will be $7,300 per year which is only about $70 more a month than St. Scholastica and St. Benedict Halls which were the last new halls built in 2013.