Belmont Abbey College accepts the Classical Learning Test (CLT) for consideration on applications for new students. The new college aptitude test, aimed at measuring traditional educational understanding, will be considered in addition to the SAT and ACT. Standardized tests of any kind are not required for acceptance into Belmont Abbey College but are auxiliary in the decisions and used for granting scholarships.


The Classical Learning Test was created in 2016 and was taken by over 10,000 students by 2017. Belmont Abbey joined over a hundred other colleges in accepting the results for consideration. Founder Jeremy Tate created it to measure a wider variety of subjects than the SAT and ACT, including knowledge of classic topics of education.  The CLT lasts for one period of two hours divided into three sections (Verbal Reasoning, Grammar/Writing, and Quantitative Reasoning). Students receive one point for each of the 120 questions answered correctly. Compared to a multiple-week delay to receive results on other aptitude tests, CLT results are available the same day the examination is taken. Like the SAT and ACT, students can receive accommodations for disabilities. For more information on the CLT or to register, see the Classic Learning Test website.


The Belmont Abbey College Admissions Department considers the CLT alongside other criteria like GPA and extra-curricular activity. The CLT is particularly useful in qualifying students for Premier Scholarships, like that of the Honors College. Attaining certain levels in the CLT fulfill the basic requirement for the Honors College and the St. Thomas More Scholarship Program, and influence consideration for the Hintemeyer Catholic Leadership Scholarship Program. The chart below outlines how the CLT is used in Belmont Abbey College scholarship decisions.  

Dr. Joseph Wysocki, Assistant Vice Provost of Academic Affairs and Honors College Director, as well as a national advocate for classical education, says that with the expanded criteria “Belmont Abbey’s scholarships are even more accessible to students from classical charter schools, classical homeschooling, and classical Christian and classical Catholic academies.”


Minimum CLTMinimum CLT Minimum GPAMinimum GPA Eligible Scholarship
78 3.7 $9,000 award (48.6% off tuition)
76 3.5 $8,000 award (43% off tuition)
72 3.5 7,000 award (37.8% off tuition)