We congratulate Dr. Julia Beeman, the winner of the 2017-2018 Adrian Award for Teaching Excellence. Dr. Beeman is an Associate Professor and Chair in the Criminal Justice Department, and also directs the William Gaston Faith and Public Service scholarship program. Earning both undergraduate and graduate degrees at UNC-Charlotte, and with substantial experience in criminal justice and public safety, Dr. Beeman came to the College as a faculty member in 2006. While here, in addition to creating the Criminal Justice program, she pursued doctoral studies with Nova Southeastern University, earning her doctorate with a dissertation on PTSD and the use of force by law enforcement officers. She has also been a vital link between the academic and athletic programs, with long service as our Faculty Athletic Representative.

The Adrian Award for Teaching Excellence was established in 1984 with the support of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Adrian to recognize and reward outstanding teaching performance by faculty members at Belmont Abbey College. This year, the committee’s citation reads:

“Teachers wield enormous power in the lives of their students. Effective teachers do much to build our future leaders. They serve as role models of professionalism to their students, they pose questions which foster deeper inquiry, teach how to ask insightful questions of others and demonstrate how to thoughtfully examine ideas. Teachers also play important roles in our lives as instructors who impart knowledge and wisdom, and as supporting cheerleaders who offer guidance and mentorship. In many cases, the most meaningful teachers go above and beyond to offer emotional support as members of a village of adults and advocates who help our students to become productive citizens. These teachers work on a team to raise the capacity and knowledge of all those around them.”

This year’s award winner has been at Belmont Abbey College for nearly twelve years and has served our students and the College in a myriad of ways. Her students have remarked about “the high level of professionalism and subject matter excellence she exhibits both in and out of the classroom.” Students and colleagues alike have also clearly recognized that she holds high expectations of herself and others, and brings both an academic and practitioner’s knowledge to her teaching. Colleagues regard her as a mentor/teacher to them as well.

It is with great pleasure that we would like to recognize Dr. Julie Beeman as this year’s Adrian Award for Teaching Excellence winner for her excellence in teaching and service to the students at Belmont Abbey College. Dr. Beeman has demonstrated her enthusiasm to serve and help others through the many roles she has fulfilled in the line of duty: as a police officer on the street, as a college professor in the classroom, and as a leader in her service as department chair and faculty athletics representative. Throughout her nominations, it is very apparent that Dr. Beeman is perceived as an approachable, wise, authentic and genuine professional who makes herself available not just during registration to check the scheduling box, but goes above and beyond the call of duty to serve as a guide and support in the lives of her students and on our campus.