Dr. Patrick Wadden

At its 40th annual meeting, hosted by UCLA in early March, Belmont Abbey College’s Dr. Patrick Wadden was appointed president of the Celtic Studies Association of North America (CSANA). CSANA is a scholarly organization that promotes the study of all aspects of Celtic culture and history, including the languages, literatures, art and music of the Celtic-speaking peoples, in North America and beyond. As well as hosting its own annual conference, CSANA sponsors research presentations at other major national and international colloquia and publishes a scholarly journal, the North American Journal of Celtic Studies.

Dr. Wadden, who had previously served for two years as vice-president of CSANA, is a scholar of early medieval Irish culture and history. His recent publications include “Church, apostle and nation in early Ireland”, published in the journal Medieval Worlds, as well as articles in Cambrian Medieval Celtic Studies, Ériu and the Scottish Historical Review.

At the Abbey, Dr. Wadden teaches in the History Department, where he offers courses on Early Christian Ireland, the Vikings and the History of the Benedictine Tradition. He occasionally organizes language classes in Modern Irish (Gaelic). As part of the St Gregory the Great Minor in Christianity and Culture, he will be traveling to Ireland with a group of Abbey students this summer, where they will have the opportunity to experience the local culture at first hand.

For more details on CSANA, see: http://celtic.cmrs.ucla.edu/csana/

To contact Dr. Wadden, email: patrickwadden@bac.edu