It was 141 years ago, on April 21, that Fr. Herman Wolfe OSB arrived, with two students, to take possession of the former Caldwell plantation. Classes began at once. Not too many years later, Abbot Leo Haid would hope that “the work and prayers here shall spread God’s blessing over this beautiful country in years to come, when perhaps few of you who are listening to me now shall be among the living.”

Today none of those who listened are alive, and with them rest many more who built up the College and ensured that it stands today. But from Fr. Herman’s day to this day, without a break, all those works and prayers have depended on the support and sponsorship offered by the monastic community. Without Belmont Abbey, there could be no Belmont Abbey College.

So on this Founder’s Day, we offer a prayer of gratitude for those who have gone before us. And the whole college community would like to express our thanks to Abbot Placid and the whole monastic community for all that they do and have done in support of the College.

Happy Founder’s Day!