Some people rave about their experiences with their coaches, others about the attention they received in our small classes, but we all unanimously agree that the Abbey attracts the greatest people to join our community. That’s why this place feels like home–because the people here are like family.

Vincent Ginski
Year: Senior
Major: Government/Political Philosophy
Hometown: Collierville, TN

“If you take every course and learn actually what you’re supposed to learn, you’re going to see all aspects of your life start to transform.”

Anja Roy
Year: Class of ’16
Major: English
Hometown: Waxhaw, NC

“Being known and understood, being loved, it’s so easy to find a community that supports you in this place.”

Megan Nanney
Year: Class of ’16
Major: Biology
Hometown: Shelby, NC

“My teachers wanted you to pick what you wanted to do; they didn’t want to tell you what you wanted to do, but they wanted to guide you, and I appreciate their advice through that.”

Montana Rindahl
Year: Class of ’16
Major: English
Hometown: Austin, Texas

“It’s weird, but it’s good to be ready to leave the nest.”