coachOur President Dr. Thierfelder weighs in on the recent debate about participation trophies started by James Harrison, a Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker.

“The problem with the participation trophy is that it is replacing what a coach ought to be doing–motivating players to perform at their best.The key is understanding what sport, or play,  is and why we do it. Play is done for its own sake. Play done for money is not play but work. Being paid to “play” often blurs the line and can lead to play becoming a selfish work. Play is not the problem. The problem is when money, power, fame become the “end” of what looks like play but is not. When this happens vice becomes acceptable and is seen as a necessary evil in order to achieve the highest level of competitive play. Ultimately play is like wisdom – done for its own sake while contemplating the highest thing, namely God.” –Dr. Thierfelder

For a greater explanation review this short clip from his interview with Drew Mariani on Relevant Radio:  click here
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