Locatelli_Judgement-and-scenes-from-the-Day-of-Wrath1-300x300What does Christ get out of you?


You may be shocked by the reversal implied in this question. We usually think of what we shall get out of him!


Or, maybe you’re scandalized that Christ should be spoken of as someone who needs something or as someone “on the make”, as they say.


But it isn’t impious to ask this question for you cannot exist without him for a moment. He made you from nothing. His glory is more excellent than the whole of creation rolled up in a ball. His justice is impeccable. From him all things come; to him everything is due. All things that exist owe him their homage; to him they must return their very selves.


So then, the question: What does Christ get out of you?!


Let’s put the matter concretely:


Can Christ depend on you today for some aspect of his work in the world? Can he expect you to share his love in some place or with some person, right where he wants it? Can he count on you to speak his truth in some context to someone? When the sun sets on this day will he find that you belong more to him permanently than you did when the day began?

By Dr. Ronald Thomas

By Dr. Ronald Thomas


The one who is coming to meet us as our Judge—something we stress in this Advent season—requires of us the entirety of our lives. The good news is that if we can make this offering, he will give us something of greater value than our lives. He will give us his life—forever—which is more of a gift than we will ever give him.